Different Words for Poop

Slang terms for pooping


Anaconda Action

Back A Bus Out Of The Garage

Back One Out

Back The Big Brown Motorhome Out Of The Garage

Bake Some Brownies

Bakin’ A Cake

Bakin’ A Cake

Balance The Budget

Bio Break

Blast A Dookie


Blowing The Butt Trumpet

Bomb The Bowl

Bomb The Porcelain Sea

Bombg The Tidy Bowl Man

Build A Log Cabin

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Burn A Mule

Bury Some Cable

Bust Out A Nug Nug

Butt Cobras

Butt Gherkin


Carpet Bomb

Catch Up On Some Reading

Charm An Upside Down Brown Snake

Check My Messages

Check The Pipes

Chocolate Rain

Chocolate Time

Choke A Brownie

Chop Some Butt Wood

Chopp A Log

Chuck The Football

Cleaning Out The Vertical File

Cleanse The Colon

Clear Out Some Inventory

Code 2

Code Brown

Colon Bowlin’

Commune With Nature

Contemplate My Existence

Contribute To Nature

Coronating Gluteus Maximus

Crackin’ Off A Couple Of Bricks

Crimp Off A Length

Cripping A Crapple

Curl One Down

Curl One Off

Cut A Cable

Cut Some Weight

Cut The Line For The Log Flume

Cutting Rope

De-Corking The Borking

Dirty Squirties

Dispensing Some Soft-Serve

Dispose Of Hazardous Waste

Do A Dog

Do Some Spring Cleaning

Do The Loose Poops Dance

Do The Royal Squat

Doing A #2

Doing Brown


Dookin It Out


Download A Brownload

Downloading Some Brownware

Drop A Biggie Smalls

Drop A Billy

Drop A Biscuit In The Basket

Drop A Bomb

Drop A Brick

Drop A Duke

Drop A Nuke

Drop A Scafuri

Drop A Stink Pickle

Drop Anchor

Drop Off Some Logs

Drop Some Mud

Drop Wolf Bait

Dropping A Deuce

Dropping A Hoopsnake

Dropping A Load

Dropping The Kids Off At The Pool

Dropping The Weights

Evacuate The Building

Feed The Fish

Feed The Sewer Gators

Feed The Toilet

Feed The Water Gods

Feeding The White Monster

Fertilize The Ferns

Fertilizing The Plants

Fight With Turdzilla

Fill The Bowl

Fire Away

Fire Off A Missile

Foraging For Dungleberries

Full Moon Over Troubled Waters

Fumigate The Bathroom

Get Rid Of Some Lunch

Give Back That Corn

Give Birth To A Black Eel

Give Birth To A Brown Baby Marine

Give Birth To A Politician

Giving Birth To The Spineless Brownfish

Giving The Neighbors Some Food For Thought

Go Boom Boom

Go Lose Some Weight

Go Number Two

Go Phone Elvis

Go Take A Billy

Go To The Thinking Room

Going For A Dump

Got The Hershey Squirts

Got To Go Bake The Brown Biscuit

Got To Go Put One On The Radar

Gotta Take A Squirter

Green Apple Splatters

Grow A Monkey Tail

Grow A Tail

Hang A Rat

Have A Crap

Have A Mud Baby

Have Some Alone Time

Having A Food Baby

Heave a Havana

Helping The Groundhog Find His Shadow

Hershey Squirts

Host a Floating Crap Game 

I Gotta Heave Ho

I’m Going To Go Sit Down

I’m Prairie-Dogging

I’m Touching Cloth

Igniting A Rectal Rocket

Jettisoning The Alien

Jumpers In The Door

Knit A Brown Sweater

Launch Torpedoes

Lay A Brick

Lay Some Cable

Lay Some Pipe

Leaving A Floater

Lengthen The Spine

Let The Corn Out

Let The Dogs Out

Letting Loose

Letting The Toilet Know Who’s Boss

Load Your Pants

Log Into The Toilet And Make A Huge Download


Logging Out

Lose A Few Pounds

Lose Ten Pounds In One Minute

Losing Some Weight The Quick Way

Make A Cleveland Steamer

Make A Delivery To American Standard

Make A Donation To The Porcelain God

Make A Food-Rollup

Make A Hot Icicle

Make Fudge

Make Some Butt Coffee

Make Some Room

Making A Deposit In The Porcelain Bank

Making A Grunt Sculpture

Making Gravy

Making Some Trouser Chili

Melt The Paint

Montezuma’s Revenge

Mud Butt Fire Storm

Murder A Brown Snake

My Poop Is Playing Peek-A-Boo

Nugg Nugg

Numero Dos

Park My Breakfast

Park Your Supper

Paving The Hershey Highway

Pay The Band

Peeling The Wallpaper

Pinch A Grumpy

Pinch One Off

Pinchin’ A Stink Pickle

Pinching A Loaf

Plant Some Corn

Play Craps


Poke Out The Turtles Head

Poopy Doo

Press Coil

Pump A Clump Of Dump Out My Rump

Punch A Growler

Punish The Toilet

Push Brown

Push Some Putty

Put My Knuckles To The Ground

Put My Thoughts Down On Paper

Putting In My Two Weeks Notice

Read A Book

Release A Chocolate Hostage

Release a Sewer Snake

Release The Beasts

Release The Hounds

Releasing The Chocolate Hostages

Releasing The Kraken

Ring Of Fire

Rob The Bakery

Roll Some Logs

Rolling A Cigar

Rondevous With Last Night Supper

Rumbling Bowels

Saturday Morning Special

Say Goodbye To Mr. Brown

Scatter Bombing

Secret activity #1

See A Man About A Horse

Send A Fax

Send Some Cigars Back To Cuba

Sending A Message To The White House

Serving Up A Poo Poo Platter



Shoot Some Craps

Shooting Out A Sewer Pickle

Sink Submarines

Slide One Out

Somethin’s Bump’N Me Undies

Spray-Paint The Porcelain

Squash Out A Fun Log

Squash Out A Yule Log

Squeeze One Out

Squeeze Out A Lincoln

Squirt Juice

Squirt Some Dirt

Stocking The Pond With Brown Trout

Take A Seat On The Throne

Take The Browns To The Superbowl

Take The Kids For A Swim

Taking A Dump

Taking A Slam

Taking The Browns To The Superbowl

The Brown Crown

The Brown Is Down

Throw A Wild Deuce In The Pot

Throwing a Curve Ball

Turn On The Sausage Maker

Turtle Head Pokin Out

Turtlin’ it

Twist Out A Nine Coiler

Visit Fortress Of Solitude

Visit the Dumpatorium

Visit The Library

Visit The Throne

Visiting Fonzie’s Office

Visiting The Crapper

Vote For President

Waking Winnie The Pooh

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